The good health of your camera’s lens is vital to taking high-quality photos. Unfortunately, lenses aren’t invulnerable, so they – and in turn, the quality of your photos – can be negatively affected by falls, moisture, and particulates. But fortunately, there are methods to fix most lens-related problems.


The first step in repairing a lens is determining what’s broken. Lenses consist of the glass lens itself, the lens mount, and the lens filter mount. Sometimes damage to these parts will be easily visible, like a scratch on the glass, but don’t stop your investigation there. The scratch may turn out to be a hair, or the lens mount may have been affected too. You can test the mount by examining how well your camera focuses and zooms and if the barrel extends and retracts as it should. 

In some cases, you’ll be able to fix the problem yourself. If the issue was just a bit of debris, blow it off the lens using an air blower. Or, if it was poor focus, you can generally make do with a bit of DIY lens calibration. 

But in other cases, you’ll need some help. Cracked glass lenses, for instance, need to be replaced, and if your camera’s lens is built-in and you’re not comfortable disassembling the lens mount to get it out, it’s best for the lens to be replaced by a specialist. And the same goes for replacing or repairing a mount with extensive damage. 


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