For camera brands, Sydney (and Australia at large) is often too far and expensive to set up official service centres. With the options few and dwindling, it’s hard for photographers to know which camera brands are still supported. 

So, here is our rundown of which major camera brands still have official centres and which don’t.

FujiFilm: as we noted in our recent article, FujiFilm does have a repair centre in Sydney. However, the centre only offers serving for digital cameras despite the popularity of the Instax range. 

Leica: does repairs in their George Street shop. However, it seems spare Leica parts can only be purchased from the Camera Clinic, a third-party repair shop.

Nikon: unfortunately, Nikon doesn’t have a repair centre in Sydney. But, the company does list a small network of Nikon-authorised third-party repair shops.

Olympus: the Olympus imaging brand technically no longer exists. All their imaging products and services are now owned by OM. To our knowledge, OM does currently offer servicing of ‘Olympus’ cameras in Sydney, but their resources are limited, meaning long wait periods.

Panasonic: like Nikon, Panasonic outsources all camera repairs to third party companies. We believe their current affiliated repair shop is Tecworks.

Canon: Canon does have a repair centre here and offers servicing and repairs for various Canon models, including compact, mirrorless, and DSLR.

Sony: while the company does have official repairs facilities in Sydney for some electronics, they don’t for cameras. Like Panasonic and Nikon, they outsource repairs to authorised third-party shops. 

Hasselblad: also outsources all camera repairs to third party shops, including C&R Kennedy Spares and Repairs. 

Now, if you have an unsupported camera, don’t worry. There are plenty of fully licensed repair shops like ours capable of fixing your Instax, Olympus, and even Leica cameras. 

So if you need camera repairs in Sydney, don’t hesitate to contact us.