DJI drones are a fantastic tool for photographers and videographers. But as every owner knows, they are notoriously prone to damage.

Fortunately, it’s easy for a DJI drone repairs centre or licensed repair shop to get your drone back in working order, even in this faraway corner of the world.

How easy? Let’s walk through the professional DJI drone repairs process to find out.

1. Assessing and quote

If you’re after DJI drone repairs in Sydney, there is a good chance you’ve already run into the many hazards of drone ownership here. From water and sand damage incurred from shooting at the beach to extreme heat waves to unpredictable weather, your drone can get damaged by any number of things.

So, the first thing we do is assess the damage to see what’s wrong and give you a quote depending on what we find. External damage is easy to spot, but if your drone took a dip or a hard crash, there may be internal damage as well.

2. Repairs and replacements

The next step is repairs. Doing drone repairs in Sydney is significantly easier than film camera repairs. While most easily damaged drone parts like propellers, arms, and chassis will likely have to be outright replaced, replacement parts aren’t difficult to come by as there are plenty of authorised suppliers to choose from. So if need be, we can easily order them in.

More complex parts like the mainboard and gimbal, meanwhile, can usually be repaired by experienced hands. So whether these parts require smouldering, a thorough clean, or replacement, we’ll discuss the options with you.

3. Workmanship warranty

Finally, the warranty. All our repair work is under a 90-day workmanship warranty, regardless of whether your drone had a manufacturing defect or suffered damage from piloting or hostile weather. So if you find your drone is still acting up after leaving our shop, you can bring it in up to 3 months down the line for free re-repairs.

So, if you’re looking for professional drone repairs or DJI drone servicing in Sydney, you don’t need to look up “DJI drone repairs near me.”

Bring your drone to CameraFIX, and we’ll get you sorted.