In the age of digital photography, film cameras hold a special place in the hearts of photography enthusiasts. However, as with any mechanical device, film cameras may require repairs, servicing, or restoration over time. At Camera Fix, we are proud to offer a specialised film camera repair service in Australia, catering to the needs of film camera aficionados across the country. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that your vintage gems continue capturing timeless moments for years to come.

Repair, Restoration, and Service: Our Specialisation

At Camera Fix, we understand the sentimental value attached to film cameras and the importance of preserving their functionality. Whether it’s a classic SLR, a vintage rangefinder, or a medium format beauty, our team specialises in repairing, restoring, and servicing film cameras of various makes and models. We are passionate about breathing new life into these photographic treasures, allowing you to relish the joys of shooting on film.

Our Comprehensive Film Camera Repair Services

  1. Diagnostic Assessment: Our skilled technicians begin the repair process by conducting a thorough diagnostic assessment of your film camera. They meticulously inspect each component to identify the root cause of the issue and determine the most effective course of action.
  2. Repairs and Replacement: Camera Fix is equipped with a vast inventory of high-quality, genuine spare parts for various film camera models. We meticulously repair or replace faulty components, ensuring that your camera functions flawlessly.
  3. Cleaning and Lubrication: With age and use, film cameras can accumulate dust, debris, and dried lubricants that hinder their performance. Our technicians expertly clean and lubricate the camera’s internal mechanisms, restoring smooth operation and preventing further damage.
  4. Light Seal Replacement: Over time, the foam light seals in film cameras deteriorate, resulting in light leaks that can degrade image quality. At Camera Fix, we specialize in replacing light seals, ensuring a light-tight seal for optimal results.
  5. Viewfinder and Lens Calibration: Accurate focus and framing are crucial for capturing the perfect shot. Our experts meticulously calibrate the viewfinder and lens, ensuring precise alignment and accuracy.
  6. Shutter Curtain Repair: The shutter curtain is a critical component of a film camera, and damage or misalignment can lead to improper exposure. Our skilled technicians repair or replace shutter curtains, ensuring accurate and consistent exposures.
  7. Custom Modifications: We understand that each photographer has unique preferences. If you desire custom modifications to your film camera, such as adding a new focus screen or upgrading the viewfinder, our technicians can discuss and implement tailor-made solutions.

Restoring Vintage Gems: Our Commitment

At Camera Fix, we are passionate about preserving the heritage of film photography and ensuring that vintage cameras retain their original charm. Our technicians have a deep appreciation for the intricate craftsmanship of these cameras and are committed to restoring them to their former glory. With meticulous attention to detail, technical expertise, and a genuine love for film photography, we provide comprehensive repair and restoration services for film cameras, breathing new life into these timeless treasures.

Convenience and Professionalism

We understand that your film camera holds immense value to you, both sentimentally and photographically. Therefore, we strive to provide a convenient and professional service experience for our customers. Our streamlined processes ensure prompt turnaround times without compromising on quality. Additionally, our friendly customer support team is always available to answer your queries and provide updates on the progress of your camera’s repair or restoration.


Film cameras have a magical quality that captures the hearts of photographers and enthusiasts worldwide. At Camera Fix, we specialise in film camera repair service, restoration, and service in Australia. With our expertise, dedication, and love for film photography, we ensure that your vintage gems receive the care they deserve. Trust us to keep your film cameras functioning flawlessly, preserving their nostalgic charm and allowing you to create stunning images that stand the test of time. Contact Camera Fix today for all your film camera repair needs in Australia.