While FujiFilm’s Instax Mini Evo promises a more convenient way to shoot in instant film, film camera repair centres, especially for Sydneysiders, are a different story. 

Set to launch in Japan on December 3rd and starting February 2022 across the rest of the world, the $299 Mini Evo boasts familiar Instax features with a few notable upgrades, chief among which are an LCD screen, faster shutter speed, and internal storage. 

But with FujiFilm only having one service centre in Sydney, getting this hybrid camera fixed through official channels will be challenging. 

Along with only one open centre, prospective owners of the Mini Evo might not be able to send in their cameras. At the time of writing, FujiFilm Australia only has a digital camera servicing division. 

And with the centre already having a 3-4 week turnaround time, waiting for overseas shipping may not be an option.

The Mini Evo will not be as difficult to replace as discontinued film cameras or expensive pro models. But as the Instax range isn’t immune to jamming, dirt build-up, and lens damage, it’s good to have professionals on hand to deal with minor problems and extend the camera’s lifespan. 

Fortunately, camera owners in Sydney can still rely on licenced repair shops. We at CameraFIX, for example, have years of experience servicing film and digital cameras as well as the Instax range.

So when the time comes to service your Mini Evo, give us a call.