The beauty of photography is undeniably timeless, capturing the world in a frame that tells a thousand tales. As passionate photographers and aficionados of impeccable craftsmanship, many of us invest in esteemed brands such as Hasselblad. This Swedish powerhouse, synonymous with unrivalled image quality and intricate design, has been adorning the camera bags of professionals for decades. Yet, even the most sophisticated machines occasionally need a touch of TLC. That’s where we, Camera Fix, step in. As one of the premier camera service centres in Australia, we’re proud to offer top-notch Hasselblad service and repairs.

Hasselblad’s Esteemed Legacy

Before diving into our specialised services, it’s crucial to recognise the legacy of Hasselblad. Known primarily for its medium-format cameras, Hasselblad carved out a niche with its attention to detail, unparalleled quality, and design brilliance. Trusted by astronauts, top-tier photographers, and camera enthusiasts around the world, Hasselblad is more than just a camera; it’s a legacy.

Hasselblad Repairs in Australia – Why Choose Camera Fix?

  1. Location: For those seeking ‘film camera repair Sydney’ or ‘Camera repair shop Sydney’, Camera Fix is ideally located to serve photographers across the city and beyond. Our facility boasts state-of-the-art tools and a team of trained professionals passionate about restoring and servicing the cameras we love.
  2. Expertise: Apart from general film camera repair, our expertise extends to specific brands such as Hasselblad and Leica. Whether it’s ‘Hasselblad repairs Australia’ or ‘Leica repairs Australia’, Camera Fix has the solutions you seek.
  3. Genuine Parts: As a leading camera service center, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your Hasselblad. We only use genuine parts, ensuring your camera’s longevity and reliability.

Services We Offer

Our camera service center caters to a variety of Hasselblad issues:

  1. General Maintenance: From dust removal to ensuring that your camera’s mechanisms are smooth and fault-free, our regular maintenance keeps your Hasselblad in pristine condition.
  2. Lens Repair and Calibration: Ensuring your lenses are in top shape is paramount. Our team tackles everything from scratches to intricate internal mechanisms.
  3. Software Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest firmware and software updates for your Hasselblad.
  4. Physical Damage Repair: Accidents happen. Whether it’s a minor dent or significant damage, our specialists ensure that your Hasselblad is restored to its former glory.

Why Regular Service Is Essential

With the surge in the digital age, many tend to forget the importance of regular servicing for film cameras. Regular servicing not only prolongs your Hasselblad’s life but also ensures consistent quality shots. At Camera Fix, we see ourselves as guardians of these iconic machines, ensuring that their legacy continues unhampered.


The journey of capturing moments is only as good as the tool you wield. And when it comes to a brand as revered as Hasselblad, it’s crucial to ensure that it remains in its optimal state. Whether you’re typing ‘film camera repair Sydney‘, ‘Camera repair shop Sydney’, or ‘Hasselblad repairs Australia’ into your search bar, Camera Fix stands ready to serve.

For those who value their cameras, who understand that every click is more than just a picture but a piece of art, it’s essential to have a camera service center that shares the same passion. At Camera Fix, we’re not just technicians; we’re photographers, storytellers, and aficionados of the art. With expertise, genuine parts, and an unrivalled love for the craft, Camera Fix is your go-to place for all Hasselblad services and repairs in Australia.

For more information, or to schedule a service or repair for your Hasselblad, reach out to us today. Your camera deserves the best, and at Camera Fix, that’s precisely what we offer.