Taking your camera to a repair shop for the first time can be a little stressful. You might ask yourself: wIll my camera come out ok? Will they make up problems like some mechanics allegedly do? Will they overcharge me? 

So to get you a bit more comfortable with the procedure, we’ve written up the basics of what you can expect from us. 

Assessment and quoting 

We can’t speak for all repair shops, but our process begins with assessing your camera to check its maintenance and repair needs and sending you a quote based on what we find. We will not start on servicing or repairs until we have your full approval. 

We also don’t provide quotes on descriptions alone. Your camera’s issue might have a more complex underlying cause or may have another problem you haven’t noticed. Because we want to provide you with the most accurate estimate and give your camera all the care it needs, we will examine it in person first. 

Camera repairs and servicing 

Shops like ours are fully licensed, and some may even be brand-authorised. Additionally, repair shops also often have a long history of servicing a range of camera models and performing various maintenance tasks and repairs, including: 

  • Lens cleaning 
  • Shutter repair
  • Button unjamming 
  • Film unjamming 
  • Lens calibration 
  • And more.  

So whether you come in with a dirty lens or intense internal issues, rest assured your camera will be in good hands. 

Wait time

We’ll notify you once we’ve finished the repairs. Unless the problem was severe or we need to order parts, you can generally expect to collect your camera within a couple of days if you dropped it off and are picking it up in person (postage time will obviously take a little longer). 


Most good camera repair shops offer warranties. We, for example, offer a 90-day workmanship warranty on all works. So on the off chance your camera’s issues persist, we will fix them free of charge within that time frame.

And if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us