The Canon 5D Mark III is considered by many as the best Canon full frame camera that money can buy. It was originally released in 2012, but the fact that Canon has yet to produce a successor is a testament to its technological capabilities. However, despite being a beast of pure imaging power, the 5D Mark III is not resistant to damage, much less its lenses. This is not a weakness though, since there are quite a number of camera lens repair shops around Sydney. The price of a repair however, might surprise you.

Having to replace the shutter on your 5D Mark III is easy. Given that Canon is a well-known camera brand, there are a lot of service centres ready to take your camera in. However, service centres are known to bill the camera owner from the get-go once you have your gear assessed. This is to ensure quality and safety, but a quote fee doesn’t really give assurance that they will handle your gear well.

A shutter is as important as it is sensitive. Shutters are typically the first one to need repairing, especially if they are nearing their allotted actuation count. Service centres will replace them once they exceed their allotted actuations, and depending on the service centre, it will cost at least $1150. Most 5D Mark III owners prefer to outright buy a new camera altogether, but for the discerning camera owner like you, we know how important it is to take care of your gear, and something as simple as shutter replacements would not tear you away from your camera.

Which is why CameraFIX is here to help. Offering free estimate before we start repairs, CameraFIX accepts different camera repairs from vintage film cameras to cameras your service centre will not accept. Looking for a camera repair shop that will be willing to replace your shutter on 5D Mark III is easy, but if you’re looking for affordable, CameraFIX is the way to go.