As with digital vs film, mirrorless cameras have slowly taken over the market. Amongst recent reports of DSLR cameras being discontinued, it’s no wonder that there is some concern over repairs. 

Nikon, for example, is reportedly slated to terminate the production of all its DSLR cameras in Japan by March 2022. 

Canon has similarly discontinued many of its DSLR lenses (like the 85mm f/1.2L USM II and the 70-200mm f/4L IS USM II). 

With these two major imaging brands focusing more on mirrorless, their focus on spare parts manufacture, servicing, and repairs for DSLR cameras will likely shrink even further, especially in far-away countries like Australia.

But while replacing EF-mount lenses and some DSLR parts will get harder, the situation isn’t quite dire for DSLR owners. 

Firstly, Canon still has some DSLR camera repair centres in operation, and Nikon has a small network of authorised repair shops, some of which take on DSLR models. 

Additionally, many licensed repair shops take in what the big brands won’t. 

Some of these shops (like ours) also have the industry connections and equipment to make parts. 

So if you need your DSLR camera fixed, bring it into CameraFIX.