While official service centres for many big-name camera brands have been dwindling over the years, Olympus’ situation is different. 

‘Olympus’ camera repair and service centres no longer exist in Sydney or anywhere. 

In January of this year, the company finalised transferring its imaging department to OM Digital Solutions, the subsidiary of Japan Industrial Partners Inc. (JIP). As part of the agreement, Olympus transferred its ownership of all camera manufacturing and repairs. 

And the last we heard, OM doesn’t offer much in the way of service centres. According to our sources, the corporation only kept one camera repairs and servicing employee, responsible for camera servicing as well as admin tasks and parts management. 

Servicing efficiency is likely close to 0%. 

Olympus had, in the past, sent cameras to Hong Kong for repairs, but with the expense and lengthy turnaround of sending Australian cameras, OM is unlikely to continue that tradition. 

But there is still hope for Olympus owners. Independent, fully-licensed repair shops like ours have been servicing digital and film cameras old and new for years, including various Olympus models. 

So if you find that your Olympus is faulty, send it to the leading Olympus repair shop in Sydney. 

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