Despite the camera market being in a steady state of decline over the past few years, Sony is in an interesting position. It’s no secret that Sony steadily climbed the camera industry, coming only second to Canon. They have released amazingly formidable cameras over the years, with the Sony Alpha technology spearheading this camera revolution.

Addressing the challenges that come with fending off competitors, Sony Electronics President and CEO Shigeki Ishizuka said that in the camera world, they have always implemented a high value strategy which have worked since 2012, which has been a driving force in expanding the market. He goes on to mention the plan for the Alpha series to extend to video. “Video needs to grow as a digital camera. Alpha will be launched in the video main,” said the Sony CEO.

But Sony has another card to play. Sony is the only camera manufacturer dipping its toes on smartphone technology. In the same interview, Sony execs revealed that they are looking to integrate it’s smartphone and camera expertise in the near future.

The Sony CEO and President continued, “We will aim for a complete fusion of how to integrate the smartphone and camera. Sony is the only company in the world that has a full-fledged smartphone and camera business. I would like to make a considerable investment in development of the hard-to-reproduce telecommunications business and solutions for cameras and professionals, and strengthen the development for the short and long term.”

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