Whether you’re a professional photographer or picked it up as a hobby, chances are that at some stage your camera will need to be serviced. From that point, you’ll have to choose between an official service center or an independent camera repair shop. As a company with staff who have worked on both sides of the fence, we recommend the latter. Here’s why.

Unaffiliated camera repair specialists can give you the right advice and the right repairs. We at Camera Fix are under no obligation to recommend one brand over another or push you to buy a newer model instead of repairing your existing one against our better judgement. Our repairmen also have years of photography experience. We not only know what a camera needs but also what a photographer needs.  

There is also the benefit of time. For photographers in Australia, shipping wait periods for official centers can be a nightmare because it’s too far and too expensive for brands to set them up here. Our repair shop, on the other hand, is conveniently located close to Sydney CBD. Not to mention, we can assess your camera on the spot as we aren’t bogged down by bureaucracy and take on orders one at a time instead of working in batches. 

And if you have a film camera, a digital camera that’s older than 10, or a camera from an uncommon brand, a repair shop is your best and only bet. Official centers only exist for prominent brands like Sony and Olympus, and even then, they’ll only be interested in servicing newer, digital models. This means they’ll have no spare parts for other camera varieties on hand and likely no staff trained to work on them. So even if you manage to get your camera into a center, it won’t get the care it needs. We, conversely, have over 30 years of experience and the equipment to make parts. 

So, if your camera is not working as it should be, get in touch with us today.